Our business

ZHSoft current main products are embodied in e-commerce services, and our PaaS industry, big data industry, and search engine industry are still in incubation. I believe that in the near future, they will all appear one by one to provide convenient data services for global users.

About us

About us

As a new generation of e-commerce solutions, PrestaShop is very popular in the world. It has 300,000+ merchants, 1 million+ community users, 1,000+ developers, and 250+ agents. As a service provider that has been in contact with PrestaShop since 2009, I am proud to be committed to the promotion, research and development, and expansion of PrestaShop. At present,ZHSoft have served more than 1,000 customers!

Core Team

Have a wealth of PrestaShop work experience, an average of more than 5 years.

ZHSoft Employees:PrestaShop Product Director
Product Director
ZHSoft Employees:PrestaShop Development Director
Development Director
ZHSoft Employees:PrestaShop Design Director
Design Director